Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome to Besuk Asa

This is a new Blog, apparently.

Created by an Indonesian who attempts to live in the new world people often call a Virtual World.
Nothing is interesting you will find in this Blog, other than the honesty and the willingness to explore our mysterious world. Not only our physical world we call Earth, I suppose, but also
world of linguistic,
world of music,
world of painting and sculpture,
world of architecture,
world of biology,
world of chemistry,
world of physics,
world of  astronomy,
world of politics,
world of engineering,
world of psychology,
world of sociology,
world of knowledge,
world of belief,

world of philosophy,
world of mere logic,

world of diversity,
world of others,
world of I-ness,
world of You-ness,
world of (let's add the list y'all!)

After lengthy and ambitious work on SEVEN freakin'  essays over one excitin' semester, I start realizing how great the experience of writing and just simply thinking is. I have been writing poems and lyrics for myself since forever, but never really grow excitement in writing like ever before. As always, whenever I walk home, ride my bike, ride on a bus, and just ponder around, my brain just keeps vamping around thoughts, sometimes start from anger, confusion, annoyance, hope, curiosity, encouragement, academic, rational, imagination, ideal, factual, etc. to just something completely the opposite. It can go pretty much to infinity, matter-wise and time-wise, if only I got nothing to do but vamp around thoughts. But when you are thinking in order to write, you'll find not only a vehicle to express your crazy and abstract thoughts,  but you'll find a medium to stop and evaluate your every thoughts - you have to stop, at least, to find words to express you thoughts. That is my experience.

I warmly welcome everybody who (at least, try to be) mature and smart enough to write, to comment, to make this part of their free time or even place to brainstorm ideas for your academic essay, your personal essay, your artistic writing, or merely your thinking enjoyment. I welcome you guys who are assigned to write an essay to post you essay here for people to give feedback or just proof-read  it before/after you submit it. Or to you guys who try to find ideas for your artistic project. Make yourself at home!

So, welcome home,
Besuk Asa

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