Thursday, May 2, 2013

Besuk Asa - Singgahi Hati

What is Besuk Asa, Singgahi Hati means?

In English, it literally means "Visit Hope, Drop by (Stop by) the Heart."
All I mean by this, is for people to once in a while to re-visit what you genuinely hope for,
and to drop by your very thought, the one which doesn't lie and is not deceitful - we usually called our Heart.
Singgah is really just like drop by somebody's house. Besuk is also a short visit, but usually used to express a short visit to somebody who is sick or something.  I am not interested in defining all these terms right now. But what I really mean by giving this title is this:

Many times we are trapped in our everyday life, work, school, relationship, family, and whatever.
To escape all those things, some people flee art, religion, self-help books/videos, youtube, and whatever.
But when you come back, you'll find yourself do pretty much nothing but adding up some gas for you to drive another moment of your life. I am curious, if we ever take a moment to meditate in silence(please don't take this letter-by-letter) and think what your purpose today in participating in this world is. Do we ever drop by at our heart and see what we really hope for and believe in, despite all project we currently work on, despite movies we just watched, books we happened to just read, music we just listened or played, and sermon we just focused on, an so on. Even despite all feelings you just felt. May be there is something lies beneath everyone which just happen to be ignored but always effect the way we act, think, and feel. Hmm, just think about it for a second. I'm afraid that we ignore it because ideologies we have agreed to believe or because we think we are not able enough to let it grow. I even get confused what I really meant by it. But I hope you, at least, sense what I (am trying to) depict.

So, just let's do it! Let see how far and how deep we can go!

Besuk Asa

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