Thursday, May 2, 2013

To write is to receive,
All the shimmering impulses that have striven to deceive
To the rite I should have never left,
I surrender the rights I've always tried to believe
Is the idea too naive to perceive, while,
Sometimes lasts way longer than the native, so I suppose,
The realm of the ancient reef belongs to one with the only gift,
No one should ever think that'd be the sky one could achieve
It's yet too bright, for the thief to sneak into the darkness of the farmer's piling leaf

So let us just give in to the dream of the wind

To sing is to stay in still,
Like eel that churns in raging thrill
Let's get in deal with that will,
That blame the lane of stuttering drill, so,
Real, is doubt I always feel, and by,
Kneel, I hang my nights, 'till,
Heal, could soar and open the seal
So I kill, the bill that gnaw my only heel, so pardon me,
If I squeal, 'till the thrill takes our deal,
And for real, all my heal seal in still

So just let's give in to the dream in the wind

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